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About Us

We are a leading shipping and fulfilment service provider in the Asia Pacific, known for our reliability and high satisfaction rates. With four years in the market, we have established warehouses in major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad, along with micro fulfillment centers across India. Our extensive domestic network covers significant locations in India, and through our group company, Kimipost, we service over five countries and territories globally, specializing in fast and efficient distribution services.

Kimipost, a product of Toshi Techship Pvt Ltd, harnesses technology to simplify the eCommerce order fulfillment process, offering a seamless shipping experience. Our WMS & shipping panel provide a tech-enabled platform for D2C and B2C sellers, allowing them to focus on brand building and business expansion while we handle operations. Our fulfillment warehouses cover 29000+ shipping pincodes across India.

We utilize Artificial Intelligence for comprehensive analysis from business and consumer perspectives. Kimipost acts as an aggregator platform, integrating shopping carts, marketplaces, and carriers, making it easy to use from both seller and consumer viewpoints.

Core Values


We prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction, continually striving to revolutionize eCommerce shipping with advanced technology and personalized service.

Kimipost is committed to ease the shipping process through it’s SaaS based automated platform for all fulfilment and shipping needs.

To empower online sellers with a centralized platform that connects businesses with reliable carriers, simplifies logistics, and enhances the overall shipping experience.

  • 4T Principle (Truth, Trust, Transparency & Technology)
  • Problem Solutioning Service Experience
  • Learn, Solve & Automate
  • Qualitative Work Mythology

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Together, we turn visions into reality, blending expertise and passion.

Piyush Singh

Tech Advisor

Automating Ecommerce  Shipping Easily
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Serving 29,000 pincodes across India
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